Me, In Brief

I write novel-length fiction (Thrillers and Dark Fantasy) and currently earn coin delivering freight around the United States in a big rig truck, which I also live in.

I used to be a web designer, and before that, a strength coach.

Unlike most truckers, I’m very fit, have a Masters degree, don’t vote Republican, and can pronounce Cabernet Sauvignon.

I’ve tried to settle down but it doesn’t suit me. I prefer the life of a nomad. I’m a hunter-gatherer, not a farmer. An artist, not a conformist.

I prefer the mobility afforded by minimalism to the illusory comforts of owning too many things.

Philosophically, I’m half Taoist and half Stoic.

Audiobooks keep my mind sharp while I’m driving, along with Chris Ryan’s Tangentially Speaking podcast, and the Joe Rogan Experience.

When I’m not driving, I’m writing. When I’m not reading, I’m hiking.

Beyond that, I like standup comedy, visiting museums, and watching mixed martial arts. Plus coffee. Lots of coffee.

What I’m up to now, in order of time-suck.

14-hours a day, most weekdays and many weekends: Loading, unloading, and driving a flatbed semi truck around the Lower 48.

2-hours a day, daily: Writing fiction.

1-hour a day, variable: Workout / Update various and sundry websites / Social media.

2-days to a week, every 4-6 weeks, as needed: Travel by plane or rental car and do dope shit. My preferred accommodations frequently include a sleeping bag beneath a starry sky.

Twice a year: Attend the Southern California Writers’ Conference. Sometimes I teach classes on craft and storytelling there. I also help keep their website running smoothly.