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I, Jequon by Jeremy Lee James - Wattpad

For a limited time, grab your FREE copy of I, JEQUON: Part 01 of the Nephilim Chronicles. Discover an exciting new voice hellbent on reinventing the vampire genre.

…an urban fantasy on thriller steroids that grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go. The well-crafted, tautly written novel kept me turning the pages, and the complicated web of a story kept me longing for more.
Claudia Whitsitt, author BETWEEN THE LINES
This book defies comparisons. Yes, it has vampires, but these are not your daughters’ vampires. They are but the spires on a dark metropolis of good, evil, and you’re-not-sure-which-is-which. Jeremy Lee James has meticulously crafted a sweeping underpinning to the world we know, a vast economy of mostly-immortals whose raison d’être is far deeper than a taste for blood.
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